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Lebanon keeps on prospering

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Lebanon keeps on prospering

Post by Jalloul Lebanon on 14.07.12 8:20

Lebanon keeps on prospering

This year, Lebanon has witnessed and still is a considerable growth in the tourism industry, this can be
attributed mainly to the return of stability and peace to Lebanon, and to the rapid development of several
locations in the capital and in the main cities of Lebanon.
Tourists arrival are predicted to attain more than 2,000,000 until the end of this year.

Key organizations within the tourism industry are joining forces and working closely to sustain Lebanon’s
position as an important tourist destination and business center in the Middle East.

The year 2009 is an unparalleled year given that Beirut was listed number one among 44 international
destinations recommended by the New York Times for travel, and as “UNESCO” designed Beirut as the
“World Book Capital City 2009”, and as Jeita Grotto has successfully been qualified to proceed to phase
two in the voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, and the “Francophone Games” which took place
this past summer and attracted representatives of around 50 countries.

All these events and many others reflect positively on Lebanon and its flow of incoming visitors.

Lebanon is at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, being just a few hours flight from
most major cities in these regions. Lebanon offers archaeological and historical wealth, the country
benefits from 200km of coastline and two mountain chains, with peak culminating above 3000m in altitude.
The exceptional sunny climate and snowy peaked mountains provide unique opportunities to develop
all year round tourist activities with the combination of outdoor, leisure, cultural and historical attractions.
Lebanon is from the rare countries in the area able to offer an all year round diversified panel of tourism
types such as cultural and historical tourism, summer tourism, winter sports tourism, shopping
tourism, ecotourism, green tourism, nature tourism, religious tourism, mice tourism , responsible
tourism, rural tourism, medical tourism, family tourism etc…

With the winter season approaching, the Ministry of Tourism will be focusing its efforts on targeting
winter tourism by promoting Lebanon as a first-class winter destination.
Over half of Lebanon’s land is composed of mountains, as a result, at least four months every year,
the mountains of Lebanon are blanketed with snow, making Lebanon’s ski grounds among the best in the region.

Lebanon offers amongst others:

-Direct air links to worldwide destinations.
-Easy access to the country.
-Ideal strategic location.
-Archaeological and historical sites.
-Beautiful and amazing natural scrivener.
-Modern International Airport.
-First class hospitality infrastructure.
-Excellent services quality.
-Cutting edge telecommunications and utilities.
-Buzzing business, shopping and leisure environments.
-Friendly, open minded and genuinely welcoming people.

Dear Visitor,
You are most welcomed to Lebanon,
Ahlan Wa Sahlan

[Mr. Elie Marouni]

Fadi Abboud
Minister of Tourism
Jalloul Lebanon

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